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2U Rack Accessories

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I am currently learning Ralph while I inventory our server closets. While trying to add accessories I am noticing that I can not add something that is more than 1U. Each accessory can only take up 1U. If I try to enter “30-29” or “30,29” for the Position field I get an error. When I make data center assets (like switches) I can have those take up more than 1U. The rack accessory I am adding in is a 2U 48 port ethernet patch panel. Is there any way to do this?

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Probably there is, but I think the simplest hack is to add 2x 1U 24 ports.

Height of device is defined on its “Model” field. Just edit model and you will see:

This would be for an asset and not a rack accessory unfortunately.

I generally just do this. Not the most ideal solution but it does work.

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By leaving the Additional remarks section blank on the 2nd U it will come up like this

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