Help with Custom Fields

I’ve been looking into Ralph for some time, and it looks like it’s almost ideal for our company needs. However, we need some custom fields, and I have questions about it:

  1. Is it possible to add custom filed for asset type? Right now when I add new Hardware, or new Virtual Server, I need to manually add custom filed. It it possible to add it as default?
  2. If first is true, is is also possible to import from csv to custom fields?

Thanks In advance for Help!


Thanks for your interest in Ralph!

You cannot set custom fields to have default values for certain type of assets. However, custom fields can be inherited from parent objects like service environments, configuration modules or configuration classes. Perhaps, this can help you to achieve what you need.

Import/export feature does not consider custom fields unfortunately.

Please also keep in mind that currently there is no way you can use custom fields for filtering assets. This feature is on our radar but it needs extra research to be done.