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New to Ralph - Need help

Hi Team,

Thank you for the wonderful tool and appreciate your effort in developing this. I am new to Ralph and doing evaluation for a requirement. Is there a way I can customize the form of filling an asset so that it just display only those fields which I want to see.

eg:- I am trying to fill a back office hardware asset. I am seeing User info, financial info etc and many fields in Basic info which I don’t need to display. Any way I can customize these forms without modifying the backend code ?

You can fiddle with the permission system of ralph. Things you are not allowed to see will not be shown. The other possibility is to modify the python code, e.g. here:

Thank you. When you said to fiddle with permission system is that referring to modify the code or is that feature available in Ralph GUI which an admin can tackle ?


If you go to <ralph_url>/accounts/<user_name> you get a list of all user permissions for the user <user_name> and you can change each of them individually.

Hope it helps!

Thanks Serena. I found this sometime back while checking on user permissions but forgot to close the thread.

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No worries :slight_smile: Were you successful using it? I’ve encountered some issues trying to setup a read-only account.

To an extend I was but some settings didn’t help and had to manually change the code to get it to work.

Ah, I understand. Did you create a pull request too? I’m probably seeing the same issues

No. I didn’t do it. The things which were not working were mostly related to the customization of the UI form which displays about backoffice assets as per my requirements. Given below are the changes I made and nothing into the actual code.

root@ubuntu-ralph3:~# diff /opt/ralph/ralph-core/lib/python3.6/site-packages/ralph/back_office/admin.py.7aug19 /opt/ralph/ralph-core/lib/python3.6/site-packages/ralph/back_office/admin.py
< ‘status’, ‘barcode’, ‘purchase_order’, ‘model’, ‘user’, ‘warehouse’,
< ‘service_env’, ‘sn’, ‘hostname’, ‘invoice_date’, ‘invoice_no’,
< ‘region’, ‘property_of’, ‘buyout_date_display’