Disable System Areas

Hi all -

I’m checking out Ralph as an option for Asset Management within a Managed Services environment. We could use it to track device licences, locations, support plans, names, IPs etc.

Ralph is more than capable of doing this, but there are a load of extra system areas (Back Office, Cloud, Intellectual Property etc) which we would never use and clutter up the UI.

Is it possible to select which “system areas” are enabled - or is it only possible using User permissions?

The recommended way is to use “Permissions” to hide menus in a safe way. Follow this tutorial to see how to do it!
Note: Use this tutorial, and not edit any files on the server, because you will not able to upgrade your system.


To demonstrate this, we will add new user “onetime” (Settings → Users List → add User).

Let’s log in and see what modules are seen by default. It’s pretty much empty. No menu is enable. Let’s change that - it’s pretty simple.

We will create group which will act as “template” for other users, to see only selected features of Ralph.

Please go to Settings → Users List → choose user and add new group, e.g. “basic”.

Select features which should be visible to the group and “Save” .Hint: to make it simplier, use “Select All” when selecting permissions in each Category.

After logging in we see “Access Cards” and “Data Center” visible and accessible by the user.

That’s it!