Asking About Features

I am doing a comparative study about open source assets management system. I have some requested features, I would like to know if they are present in Ralph Asset Management System:
In software and license management features, I want to know if your system ensures those functionalities:
1 Check compliance - licenses acquired vs licenses consumed
2 Manage licensing modes by configurable rules
3 Manage activation keys and track usage
4 Produce customizable reports (via query)
5 Manage licensing automatically
6 Manage license decommissioning automatically
Furthermore, I would like to know if your system ensures those functions.
7 Asset financial data referencing
8 Maintenance contract management features
9 Desktop Inventory Agents Included
10 Server inventory agents included
11 Interconnection to existing inventory agents
12 Stock management
13 Loan management
14 Massive export of TXT/ PDF/ XML/FTPS data
15 Filtered Data Exports
16 Existence of API REST full, authentification Oauth 2.0 and openID Connect
17 Volume of users supported
18 Number of simultaneous connections supported
19 Concurrency management
20 Supported asset volume and BDD movements
21 Data purge management
22 Access by authorized secure URLs
23 SSO management
24 Scalability
25 Redundancy
26 IPv6 management - dual-stack support
27 Compliance with Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
28 SBOM management
29 Compliance with security development rules (OWASP)
30 Data migration solution - export & import history
31 Log management (use logs, technical logs, etc.)
32 Ability to encrypt the database (GDPR)
33 Possibility to anonymize data (GDPR)
Thanks in advance