Ralph Asset Management System - User Group

How do you use Ralph?

Hello there! Here’s Ralph development team speaking.

We’d like to know Ralph community better.
Please say hi, and tell us about your Ralph experience :slight_smile:

  • What do you use Ralph for? Which modules do you find useful?
  • Are you happy using Ralph?
  • What can we do better in next releases ?
  • (optional) Say where are you from or / company name :slight_smile:

Hello, everybody,
First of all, thank you for the very powerful free CMDB you have created. It’s amazing that something so complete is free.

I started using Ralph mostly to organize the IPs and SSL Certificates of the company I manage the systems, but because I like it so much, I’m documenting all the physical and virtual systems. More than 100 virtual machines and 50 physical machines.

I am very happy with this software and especially with the response of its creators.

Some of the things that would improve:

  • More options in the API.
  • Better graphics for the “dc_view” and Racks
  • To be able to modify the view of columns in “Virtual Server” and “Hardware” to be able to remove columns that I do not use and to put others as the “management IP adress”.
  • To be able to sort permanently by a column in “Virtual Server” and “Hardware”. Each time I enter it is sorted by order of creation.
    I’ll tell you if you want more things I can think of with time and use.

I work in a data center in Spain, but Ralph used it for an important company to which we administer the systems.

Sorry about my English.

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