Features needed

I am doing a comparative study about open source assets management system. I have some requested features, I would like to know if they are present in Ralph Asset Management System:
In software and license management features, I want to know if your system ensures those functionalities:
1 Check compliance - licenses acquired vs licenses consumed
2 Manage licensing modes by configurable rules
3 Manage activation keys and track usage
4 Produce customizable reports (via query)
5 Manage licensing automatically
6 Manage license decommissioning automatically
Furthermore, I would like to know if your system ensures those functions too:
7 Asset financial data referencing
8 Maintenance contract management features
9 Desktop Inventory Agents Included
10 Server inventory agents included
11 Interconnection to existing inventory agents
12 Stock management
13 Loan management
14 Massive export of TXT/ PDF/ XML/FTPS data
15 Filtered Data Exports

Thanks in advance

This sort of looks like expecting somebody to do the legwork for a procurement offer.
If so, who would actually implement it?