How to add permissions to hide the edit button on server_room.html

Hi, first time poster here and hoping for some help. I have a few installations of Ralph that I’m testing out and was wondering how to invoke a quick check to the permissions of the user when viewing a data center.

The goal is to take the section where the edit button exists in server_room.html

This is the section of code I want to permissions check against…

<dl class="sub-nav"  ng-init="mode = 'preview'">
    <dd ng-class="{'active': mode == 'preview'}">
        <a ng-click="mode = 'preview'">Preview</a>
    <dd ng-class="{'active': mode == 'edit'}">
        <a ng-click="mode = 'edit'">Edit</a>

Basically I want the edit link to be set to visible = false if the user has view only permissions. My best guess is that the Django inclusion tags for some reason don’t touch this directory. Ideas?