Accessories in Ralph

How to get the accessories visible in Ralph under Backoffice?
We do not see it in Ralph and are planning to use this for asset management tracking.
Really appriciate your help.
Best regards
Göran LIljeberg

For the accessory-area there is the “Accessory”-item under the authorizations for the users (or groups).
You can set this permission under “Settings” → “Users list” → your-userAuthorizations: Accessory

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Hi and thank you for your response!
I have super user access to everything should be actived no?
I added the Accessory User, but the menu still is not showing in the menus. I can´t access the accessories page from Ralph. Is there another settings I need to change?

Hi again @keytrickz !
I could access the page by manually entering the accessories url …/accessories/accessory/!

@gliljeberg to set the rights for users, the entries under “Accessory” are necessary in order to display the point in the navigation bar.