Add, modify or remove backoffice asset statuses

Hi! Is it possible to add, modify or remove Back Office asset statuses?

I’d like to remove some statuses and add new ones. Is this possible without modifying the source code? If yes, how? If I need to modify the source code, where should I do this?

Need to modify this file:

class BackOfficeAssetStatus(Choices):
    _ = Choices.Choice

    new = _("new")
    in_progress = _("in progress")
    waiting_for_release = _("waiting for release")
    used = _("in use")
    loan = _("loan")
    damaged = _("damaged")
    liquidated = _("liquidated")
    in_service = _("in service")
    installed = _("installed")
    free = _("free")
    reserved = _("reserved")
    sale = _("sale")
    loan_in_progress = _("loan in progress")
    return_in_progress = _("return in progress")

Thank you! Might be a stupid question, but is it really safe to edit this file? Will something break up if I update Ralph in the future or delete some of these choices?

Unfortunately, this file will be overwritten after another upgrade, and is not recommended to change.

  • You can add another field (custom field) which are safer way to customize.

  • You can also propose this new status - if it’s generic enough, we could incorporate it into the official Ralph application.

Thanks! This was what I was afraid of.

In case someone thinks these as generic, I propose the following new statuses:

Waiting for data security wipe
Sold (I guess liquidated would be about the same)