Back Office Status - Liquidated

hello, can i know, is it normal if we change the status of back office asset to 'liquidated’ the item will be disappear?

i’ve tried to sort the status but it won’t show up… but when i want to register the item on the same SN, it say that the item was already registered…

can i know how to make the item show even the status was ‘liquidated’?

so, it can’t be fix?? can anyone help me in this matter? thank you

Do you know the ID of the asset? The UI and API appear to ignore assets with a status of liquidated. However, I found I could view them if I specified the ID (e.g., https://yourRalphFQDN/back_office/backofficeasset/ID_number_of_liquidated_asset/)

From the db side, the table assets_asset contains most of the info about the backoffice item.

So, you can do a query like:
select baseobject_ptr_id as id, hostname, sn as serialnumber from assets_asset;

You can join that with the table back_office_backofficeasset, if you need more information (like username mappings).

for mysql:

select assets_asset.baseobject_ptr_id as id,  assets_asset.hostname as hostname, as serialnumber, accounts_ralphuser.username as username  from ((assets_asset inner join  back_office_backofficeasset on back_office_backofficeasset.asset_ptr_id = assets_asset.baseobject_ptr_id) inner join accounts_ralphuser on = back_office_backofficeasset.user_id );

This is assuming you’re using ralph users and not ldap (though I assume ldap users end up mapped to ralph users (I haven’t attached ralph to ldap yet)).

I suppose you really just want the liquidated assets - in which case you can run this query:

select asset_ptr_id as id, as serialnumber from back_office_backofficeasset inner join assets_asset on assets_asset.baseobject_ptr_id = back_office_backofficeasset.asset_ptr_id where back_office_backofficeasset.status = 7;

This will yield something like:

| id | serialnumber |
| 1287 | 1423129 |
| 1306 | 24B9A8 |
2 rows in set (0.00 sec)

And once you have the id, you should be able to look up the object in backoffice assets in the gui.

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