API: specify Serial Numbers for components

Dear all,

I’m trying out the Ralph API interface to see if it could fit the needs of my organization. We are trying to insert existing data, specifically about servers, through the API.

At the moment we are storing and using the Serial Number for every component in a server (ethernet cards, RAM banks, CPUs, …).

Is there a way to do that in Ralph?


I have done these things and written scripts in Python.
See here:

I saw your code, thanks for sharing it. I see you are saving the serial number for the asset and its hard disks.

However, my question was different: is there a way for saving the serial number of every component of an asset? RAM, ethernet, and CPUs Ralph components seems to not have this field available.

I don’t think so. I think this would entail to enlarge the data that Ralph collects and adding another field for every component. That would be something for the Devs themselves…
The most pragmatic thing I can recommend would be to store the s/n in the name field.