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My Dear Community,

My name is Murat Kurnaz and I work as a student trainee in a company that wants to do their inventory with Ralph 3. My first task is to customize Ralph 3 according to our needs.

I will start by translating the template with the URL extension “back_office/backofficeasset/add/” into German. The template to feed a new back office asset into the system.

I was able to rename some fields without any problems. E.g. SN in “Seriennummer” (german for: serial number). But other words, e.g. Warehouse simply cannot be translated. And slowly start to doubt.

I created a german django.po file and with this I could translate SN to Seriennummer as mentioned above. But to translate the word list for the status of the asset (new, in progress, waiting fpr realease etc.) I had to do the translations in the python file in the file path src/ralph/back_office/. So far so good.

But the problem is, I just don’t know in which file the other words can be translated like Warehouse. I am slowly getting desperate. Can someone help me there.

With kind regards


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Welcome to the translation team. I’ve added you to Transifex here:

Thank you.

In fact, I have been able to solve the problem I described above.

Here is a Link of the github Issue where I explained my solution.