Manage many customers


I’m looking for a solution to manage infrastructure for many customers and wanted to know if Ralph would be able to to that as i wasn’t able to find the answer by myself.

the need is to have some kind of splits Ralph structures where every customers would have is own tree of informations well split from others customers data.

Any luck about this need?

thanks for reading and for your work

Regards - JS

@antipiot Ralph itself does not support multi-tenancy. It would be possible to work this around by using different regions per customer but I would recommend to run a separate instance of Ralph for each customer. That would be pretty easy to set up and maintain as docker containers.

Thanks for you answer but i feel it wont fit my needs :slight_smile:
if i have like 50 + customers, that means i have to manage 50+ dockers and 50 different ways to accesse the customers data.

Anyway, thanks for your time and work!

You may try to put them all into a single instance of Ralph and use regions to keep the data separate. Regions have more power than permissions, so users will only see objects from regions assigned to them.

What I cannot guarantee you is that every single object type you need to manage is “regionalizable”. That you would need to check yourself.

thanks for your answer - will look into it