Integration with Jira

As a company, we needed an inventory system. We decided to use Ralph. We wonder if it integrates with Jira. Has anyone ever used or had knowledge of such a structure on the subject?

At Allegro we use Ralph - Jira integration (both directions), but it really depends on the case, and needs additional configuration. There are 2 types of Raph-Jira integration.

Showing Ralph Assets in Jira via “select box”

Selecting Assets from Jira is done through the external plugin. Jira Plugin (select box) is not part of Open Source release, please contact 3rd-party vendors for more information. Company called ‘Intenso’, now called ‘Devinti’ used to make such a plugin for Ralph 2.x. Not sure about the Ralph 3 version. Thread here:

Showing Jira tickets work (Changes, Incidents, Problems) in Ralph

This is the opposite way of integration (presenting operations (from Jira) on assets in Ralph) .It’s done via webhooks from Jira and it’s available in Open Source release. Operations are automatically “cloned” from Jira. You have to enable Jira webhooks, and point to the Ralph instance to make it work.

Detail of webhook data Ralph expect to receive

ralph/sample_jira_event.json at 20c7dd8956cd7d4ce3e379e4cfecdf927d3f8e7e · allegro/ralph · GitHub