Questions about selection-box

Hi everyone,
Some days ago i raised a question about linkage,but there is no reply.:no_mouth:
It was possible to feel puzzle by giving details about that issue.:sweat_smile:
Now please allow me to re-raise this question and I will describe the question clearly this time.:star_struck:
Question: How to build the relation between two selection-box?:thinking:

e.g.: [Owner] and [End User]


First i create the two module ‘Owner’ and ‘End User’ like this.

In the Owner exist the datas like this:Company_A, Company_B,Company_C

And in the End User exist the datas like this:

To the selection-box,when i select one value in [Owner],i wish to select the corresponding value,not all values in [End User].Such like this.

Whether it can be achieved through back-end code.:thinking:
In Ralph source code there is no such example to refer to learning that.:face_with_monocle:
If you have any ideas to help me,i will greatly appreciate.Thank you!:slightly_smiling_face:

We do that through some javascript.

For example, when you’re adding new Data Center asset, and choose its Model, we populate “Deprecation rate” field with a default deprecation rate set in model configuration.

Here’s the code:

Hello Marcin Kliks,

This problem has been solved.Thanks for your reply.:speech_balloon:
I used the JavaScript to do that as well.:smiley:

Thanks again for your support.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: